Why Democrat Politicians Don’t Appreciate Bernie Sanders


Why Democrat Politicians Don’t Appreciate Bernie Sanders

John Lewis’s statements to the American people, as Democrat politicians and their Black Caucus lobbyists stood behind him, should be a big reminder that politicians are willing to discredit anyone for their own personal agendas.

There can only be one reason that democratic politicians refuse to recognize Bernie Sanders. It’s because he has not sworn his allegiance as a “devoted democrat” to their party for his entire political career as they have. Sanders has never been concerned with getting the Democratic Party stamp of approval. Instead Sanders dedicated his life early on to the basic principles and ideals of what this country is supposed to stand for, and ironically what the Democratic Party always insisted separated them from the Republican Party.

Of course democratic politicians wouldn’t come out and say any of this because it would make them look like the true hypocrites that they are. Instead they have to figure out other ways to do it. Like perhaps getting the black civil rights advocate John Lewis to stand up and say something as ridiculous as he never knew Sanders nor did he ever see him at Selma or on the freedom ride buses but did meet the Clintons. If Lewis or any of the Democratic Black Caucus were genuinely questioning whether or not Bernie Sanders actually was an advocate for equality of blacks, all they had to do was look into it.

Questioning Sander’s involvement might not have been an issue but the video shows undeniably that Lewis was insinuating that Sanders did not really play a role. Lewis’s words came from a place that was without a doubt to discredit Senator Sanders and steer voters to Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee for president. Bill and Hillary Clinton did not cross the bridge at Selma or participate in the freedom rides through the southern states, but Sanders was seriously engaged in the civil rights during the 60s long before the Clintons came on the scene. In Lewis’s retraction he admitted that he actually did not meet the Clintons until after the Clintons started their involvement with politics in the 70s. This was long after Selma and the freedom rides.

Ironically Lewis’s remarks came right before the important black vote in South Carolina and his retraction came only after a big unexpected backlash. Lewis and his democrat friends did the very thing they consistently accuse Republicans of doing, putting politics before principle. This is exactly why the incredible amount of distrust exists in the government today. The image of Lewis with Democratic politicians and their friends in the background showed how much this country desperately needs the very thing that the Sanders campaign is based on- Replacing old establishment politics and business as usual by hypocritical politicians and their lobbyist buddies.


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